Rules of Gregorian Public School

Admission and Withdrawals

1. Parents or guardians must be given to understand that they cannot dictate to the Management and that the Management has the right to say so what conditions they will admit or retain pupils is the School.
2. New admissions will be made subject to there being vacancies. No correspondence will be entertained into regarding admissions.
3. Age for admissions as per the Govt. rules.
4. The parent / guardian will fill in the admission from and he/she will be responsible for the conduct and fees of the pupil.
5. Every new pupil must bring a Transfer (Leaving) Certificate/Municipal Birth Certificate. No admission is complete until the leaving/birth certificate is handed over to the School authority.
6. The pupil will be examined in the matter of the class immediately below that to which he/she seeks admission. The decision of the School Principal regarding the Entrance Examination shall be final.
7. Notice of withdrawal must be given one month in advance or else fee for the following term will be charged. Such notice must be given by the parent / guardian through the application form, provided in the Hand book.
8. Leaving Certificate will be issued only after payment of all dues.
9. Leaving Certificate will be issued only after ten days from the date of application.
10. Pupils who fail consecutively twice in the same class must leave the School.
11. Only HOME MADE FOOD will be allowed in student;s tiffin. All forms of junk foods are banned in the school premises. For short break tiffin fruits will be allowed.
12. Late tiffin will not be encouraged. If late (emergency case), it should be labelled with wards name and class andd to be handed over to aya in School at the gate only.
13. L.C. will be issued to students whose progress in nil or unsatisfactory with prior information to parents.

School Uniform

Every child admitted in the school must have the complete and proper School Uniform exact in colour, pattern and mono students should wear white socks with grey stripes, black shoes and navy blue sweeter. The Uniform should be heat and spotless. Uniform with faded colour or with undone stitches will not be allowed to be worn by students.

Pupils must maintain the School Uniform properly. A pupil without complete uniform may be asked to return home during School hours. Each pupil should have at least two sets of uniform.

House Uniform's will also be on every Wednesday and Saturday. Only girls of 8th and 10th class will wear grey pant, blue red checks top and grey with white border jackets. Boys usual uniform. Housewise track suit both.

School Uniform: For girls of I and V: Black slacks on Saturday and Wednersday VIII and X class girls will wear grey pant, blue red checks top, grey and white border jackets. Boys normal uniform.

Class VIII and X, House Dress, Track suits house wise for both boys and girls with white canvas shoes only.


1. Fees are to be paid in 4 installments:

  • April to June – 1st installment

  • July to September – 2nd Installment

  • October to December – 3rd Installment

  • January to March – 4th Installment

2. After the due date Late fee of Rs. 50/- will be charged and will be increased as the month progress in multiple of 50/-.

3. Fees may be paid for both the terms together as desired be parents.

Bus Facility

1. Bus facility is available

2. Bus fees may be paid on a 6 month basis or yearly basis as desired by parents.

3. Parents are requested to inform the School office in writing if they wish to discontinue the bus facility or else whole year fee will be charged.

Evaluation System

As per the pattern, a continuous and comprehensive evaluation system for classes I to VIII is following where in the child is assessed throughout. The year academically (Formative and Summative Assessment) along with His/Her participation in co-curricular activities to bring an all - round Development of the child.

It is mandatory for every student to appear for all formative and summative Assessment as per the schedule.

Formative assessment also includes project, assignment, class activities, creative writing assessment of listening and speaking skills. It is mandatory to take part in above mentioned activities.

The evaluation is strictly based on the rules and norms laid down by the pattern for classes I and VIII. Kindly visit to CBSE website for all details.

The evaluation is divided in to formative Assessment (FA) and summative Assessment (SA). The students will be graded as per nine point Grading Scale.


Gregorian Public School is managed by the Gregorian Community, which is a part of the Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Church.



Gregorian Community Campus, At Killa, P.O. Dhatav, Tal. Roha, Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra, India

(+91) 78759 16600